Indian Fair Days

The Sierra Mono Museum invites one and all to share in the celebration of our heritage and culture at the 47th Annual Indian Fair Days & Pow Wow – held the first weekend of August each year.

This years Pow Wow will be held the August 5th – 6th, 2017 at the Minarets High School: 45077 North Fork Road, O’Neals CA 93640. (Highway 41 & North Fork Road).

A Pow Wow, or cultural celebration, as it was called in former times, is a truly family event growing out of economic, social, and cultural experiences of many Native American tribes. Pow Wows provide opportunities for people to come together to sing, dance, make friends, renew old friendships, and enjoy arts and crafts. To many people today, pow wow have spiritual and religious significance. Some people can trace the word “Pow wow” to the Algonquin language saying how the Europeans used the word to refer to a council meeting.

 Today, pow wows have become an intertribal event and are a time when older customs and ways are brought to the present day and age. It is more than just Indians dancing and singing. These cultural events help to solidify Indian communities as well as provide an opportunity to teach and learn many traditional customs. Pow wows are held throughout the year, but mostly in the summer time where participants and spectators have more space to explore and practice their singing and dancing.

 The Pow Wow Committee has worked hard throughout the year planning to make this event as exciting and eventful as possible.