• Mono Cultural Center

    Since 1971 the Sierra Mono Museum has been delighting visitors with our unique collection and cultural programs.
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  • more than baskets

    Our Native American basket collection has a wide variety of styles from many tribes. the main focus is on Cradle Baskets [huup] made from Sourberry shoots, split winter redbud, split sedge roots, chaparral [buckbrush] shoots, yarn red earth pigments and leather.
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  • School Tours

    The Sierra Mono Museum is scheduling field trips for the 2014 school year. We offer students the rich experience of the Mono [Nium] people.
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Mun-ah-hoo [hello]

The preservation of the Nium language [Western Mono] is an ongoing focus for the museum. Find out more

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Pow Wow - August 23rd & 24th 


Pow Wow Website

Board Meetings

August 7, 5:30 pm

September 4, 5:30 pm

Museum School Tours are available 5 days a week, Tuesday Through Saturday.

Please contact us for details and scheduling.

Our demonstration is Western Mono, but we offer information about the other local tribes too. Our similarities are based on trading, intermarriage, nomadically moving from the mountains to the valley, and use of similar plant and animal resources.

Trade information • Hunter/Gatherer Society • Baskets • Baby Baskets • and more

• Hands-on: Students move with Instructors who explains the process of making acorn mush, then they crack, shell, and grind acorn in the mortar and pestle and/or use the baskets to clean and sift.


One spring morning when the flowers were in full bloom and the butterflies were fluttering among them, the coyote had the urge to take a walk down through the woods by the way of a trail which animals had made. After he had gone quiet a little distance, he stopped to rest by a running stream. He took a cool drink of water.

Find out what happened to Coyote

_IGP3054Every Thursday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Museum members gather for craft day. Please come and say hello.

In the Fall you will see members cracking acorns. In Winter and Spring members work with Sour Berry and Redbud.